Pangea welcomes the arrival of it’s newest line – It’s A Curl.

Designed for infants to 3 year olds, this organic series focuses on gently maintaining your precious one’s curls.

There are currently 4 great products that are available.
We are starting with Peek-A-Boo Tearless Shampoo and Patty Cake Conditioner.

Soon to be added are Itsy Bitsy Spirals Baby Curl Moisturizer and Ring Around The Curlies Leave-In Cre’me
Don’t you just love all the classic nursery rhyme names.

I have been using the line since on my son for 9 months, and I am a big fan of Patty Cake Conditioner and Ring Around The Curlies Leave-In Cre’me.

You will be glad to know that It’s A Curl series:
- is free of parabens
- is sulfate free
- contains no heavy mineral oils
- has no artificial colors

Written by Chandre Torpet — April 01, 2010

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